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The Comic Conspiracy

Marvel rules! DC rules! Or maybe they don't, depending on the week! From the producers of The Geekbox comes The Comic Conspiracy, a weekly podcast about all things good (and bad) in the four-color world of comics, hosted by Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, Toby Sidler, and Charlie West. New episode every Tuesday night!


Oct 25, 2011

Bunch of geeky comic stuff to talk about this week, including Fear Itself, more space books talk, the ongoing digital vs print debate, getting back into comics, supporting comic retailers (hey, that's us!), Marvel's layoffs, Watchmen 2, Alan Moore losing it, more Arkham City talk (little spoilers), Greg Rucka's Punisher...

Oct 18, 2011

It's new episode time! This week, we discuss canceled comic books, reading every comic ever, New York Comic Con 2011, the Dexter and Burn Notice comics, Superman: Earth One Volume 2, Johns/Frank's Captain Marvel, back-up comics, the Green Lantern animated series, the return of the Phoenix, Avengers Assemble,...

Oct 11, 2011

We're back for Part 2 of our DC Comics' New 52 #1 recap/review episode! We also talk a bit about Witchblade and the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, CA. Starring Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, Charlie West, and Toby Xi.

Oct 5, 2011

A two-hour long epic, and we're only half-way done! Join us, along with special guests Charlie and Toby, as we discuss the first two weeks of DC Comics' The New 52. Starring Charlie, Toby, Ryan Higgins, and Brock Sager.