The Comic Conspiracy
Marvel rules! DC rules! Or maybe they don't, depending on the week! From the producers of The Geekbox comes The Comic Conspiracy, a weekly podcast about all things good (and bad) in the four-color world of comics, hosted by Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, Toby Sidler, and Charlie West. New episode every Tuesday night!
The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 92

Long-time customer Scott Shea joins us this week as we discuss his Secret Origin, indie comic reviews, the possible death of Darkhawk, why they keep making new Defenders comics, ongoing vs mini-series, tracking comics, sexy comics, which hero you'd want to be, the best Green Arrow comics, and playing your first HeroClix game. Starring Ryan Higgins, Omar Brodrick, Kris Faraone, Brock Sager, and Scott Shea.

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