The Comic Conspiracy
Marvel rules! DC rules! Or maybe they don't, depending on the week! From the producers of The Geekbox comes The Comic Conspiracy, a weekly podcast about all things good (and bad) in the four-color world of comics, hosted by Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, Toby Sidler, and Charlie West. New episode every Tuesday night!
The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 34

Some very random conversations this week, as we discuss how terrible Big Bang Theory is, Daredevil: Director's Cut, DC is HOT!, low sales on James Robinson's Shade maxi-series, agreeing with Mark Millar, huge discussion on retail vs online stores, great record store shopping experiences, retail theory and practice, Planet Hulk, Planet Human Torch (Fantastic Four #600), and the Muppets Movie! Starring Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, and Toby Sidler.

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