The Comic Conspiracy
Marvel rules! DC rules! Or maybe they don't, depending on the week! From the producers of The Geekbox comes The Comic Conspiracy, a weekly podcast about all things good (and bad) in the four-color world of comics, hosted by Ryan Higgins, Brock Sager, Toby Sidler, and Charlie West. New episode every Tuesday night!
The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 129

Toby channels Machete this week, as we discuss starting to read manga, Halloween Comicfest, DC's Five Years Later, new Marvel crossover, Rick Remender books we like (or don't), talking about talking about Image, Beware the Batman, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Arrow Season 2, and Walking Dead Season 4. Starring Ryan Higgins, Omar Brodrick, Bryce Larsen, Brock Sager, Toby Sidler, and Charlie West.

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